wt.rowaccess module


The wt.rowaccess module provides a TemplateCode sub-class which provides an automatic way of creating replacements from values in a dictionary.


This class is very simple to use. Simply ensure that the attribute named by rowaccess_attrib contains a dictionary with the keys and values you wish to have available as attributes. This can, for example, be done in main.

The module works by defining a __getattr__ method that consults the named dictionary, so the dictionary keys can be used as attributes of the instance.


<a href="item.html?id=$$%ID$$">$$title$$</a>

import jon.wt.rowaccess as rowaccess

class item(rowaccess.RowAccess):
  def main(self, template):
    website.dbc.execute("SELECT ID,title FROM items")
    for self.row in dbc.fetchall():

(Please note this example assumes your database connector can provide results as dictionaries.)

class: RowAccess(TemplateCode)

Public Class Variables


This variable may be overridden by subclasses. It is a string naming the attribute which contains the dictionary to be consulted to find replacements. The default value is "row".

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